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First check the Master Calendar for room availability prior to submitting a request.


Use this form to schedule all rooms for your meeting or event.  All fields are required except as noted.


Please schedule all requests on the hour in increments of 1/2 hour blocks whenever possible.



Q2. Name of Requestor

Marian Williams

Q3. AU Email Address

Q4. This request is for:
  • New Single Event
Q5. Enter Date of Meeting or Event: (MM/DD/YY)


Q6. Start Time:
  • 11:00

Select AM or PM:

  • AM
Q8. End Time:
  • 12:30

Select AM or PM:

  • PM
Q12. Please Enter Name of Meeting or Event:
  • Exam Testing
Q13. Type of Connection or Resource Required:  (Check all that apply)
  • Room Reservation
Q14. Room Locations - Auburn Campus


Q15. Room Locations - Mobile Campus
  • 209 - Conference Room - Capacity 10
Q16. Room Locations - Off-Site Offices



Primary Contact Name:

(List name of Instructor/Committee Chair/Team Leader/Student Org President/etc. responsible for event)

Marian Williams


Additional Information / Special Instructions:

(optional - please include name(s) and location(s) of faculty/staff that will connect)


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This information will be sent to the Master Schedule and it may take up to 2 working days to add/change/delete your request.  If your request is within 24 hours of the due date, please contact Amy Carbajal directly for immediate action upon your request.

If a need for a particular room arises and your event or meeting can be held in an alternative location, administration reserves the right to move your meeting to another suitable location. We will attempt to do so with notice and discussion whenever possible.

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You entered information for a: New Single Event


Today's Date: 7/17/2024 4:46 PM


Requestor:  Marian Williams

Email Address:

Date of Event:  09/20/23

Start Time:  11:00AM

End Time:  12:30PM

Recurring Event Details, including Dates & Times: 


Name of Meeting/Event:  Exam Testing   


Name of Candidate: 

Name of Course: 

Type of Connection:  Room Reservation

Auburn Campus Locations:  

Mobile Campus Locations:  209 - Conference Room - Capacity 10

Offsite Locations: 

VMR (Virtual Meeting Room): 

Primary Contact:  Marian Williams

Special Instructions: 


Change to an Existing Reservation: 

Original Date/Time:   

Change to be made: 


Cancellation of an Existing Reservation: 

Original Date/Time:   



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